A powerful tool for transformation, monetization and customer acquisition from the famous game practitioner, founder of the International Center for Transformation, the author of transformational psychological games Natalia Hays

transformational psychological GAME

for psychologists and coaches|

A new perspective on therapy
A NEW format for working with consciousness

relaxed game form

without denial, resistance and rejection

through the events of the game come deep

and their fitting for real
life situations

helps to see life FROM OTHER SIDE

and in the context of "here and now"

ONE of the most sustainable


real goals, desires, values of the client and their priority


in the client's life and what exactly is needed for harmonization


allows you to playfully deal with
serious life issues


understanding by the client himself of the zones of his growth and stopping beliefs

As a result, the player himself, without outside help, begins to see, understand and be aware of his own personal problems and, most importantly, their root causes

The help of a psychologist, therapist or practitioner is perceived as natural and necessary continuation of the transformation process started during the Game.

"The game helps to work with the client's subconscious ..."

The host of the transformation game "Life Line" Elena Karasenko


Our whole life is a game

What are transformation games and where did they come from

Initially, the game format was used by Tibetan monks - in order to see everything that takes years in life in a short period of time.

The game made it possible to go from one quality to another, to reach new levels more consciously, faster and more efficiently.

In the New World, the philosophy and format of the game did not fit, and in Findhorn, a spiritual community in Northern Scotland, the game was transformed into a new version, which later received its modern name - the transformation game.

The goal of transformational psychological games is cognition, learning, and therapy.

"The game allows you to see what you hide from yourself..."

The host of the transformation game "Line of Life" Larisa Shumeiko


GAME - is the link between learning and real life

You can live an alternative reality and see multiple, previously unobvious and invisible paths of movement towards the goal, draw conclusions for yourself and translate all this into your real life.

The secret is that there is no time in the game to think about how to behave correctly in a given situation. The simulation reveals exactly the behavior that interferes in real life.

"Play is an essential tool for coaching ..."

Leading the transformation game "Line of Life" Yulia Pochep


The magic of the live game "Life Line"

Nataliia Heys
Game practitioner, author of the transformation game "Line of Life"

The "Life Line" game is an author's product of Nataliia Hayes, based on real events when her husband experienced a state of clinical death and in her eyes the heart of a loved one stopped.

The game was created against the background of deep personal experiences, awareness of the value of the moment with deep love for people.

All this is felt and felt by all players and forms a special atmosphere against which it happens - a deep understanding of oneself, one's new facets, balance and harmony of one's own life, transformation of consciousness under a new game reality - and everything is transferred into real life.

The results that your clients receive during the Game, even before they start working with you

identifying areas of life with WHICH you need to work and WHICH previously did not pay attention

answers to troubling questions, the ability to hear yourself and make difficult choices

understanding WHERE energy goes, identifying disharmony and toxicity in relationships

awareness of how inner beliefs affect behavior and life events

identification of financial and internal constraints

the emergence of confidence, the disclosure of their strengths

increasing self-esteem, understanding of their value

change of life priorities

development of intuition


transformations occurring with the client
contribute to real life change

happy marriage

getting out of toxic relationships

improving the financial side of life

change of job, profession and significant
achievements in a new field

changing of the living place

creation of new products and

revealing oneself in creativity

new successful business or project

Most of the participants in the Game associate the received results with deep work with a psychologist

The game is perceived from childhood as a pleasure and attracts customers much more effectively than
consultation, training or master class that require work and stress.

At the same time, the game is a practical and effective tool for working and solving a variety of psychological and business problems, which uses the potential of the unconscious and gives emotional and psychological resources.

12 good reasons why it is important for you to add the Game to the toolkit of your work

Customer QUANTITY growth and native sales

● Game as an additional entry point into your sales funnel and a tool for monetization
● capturing the attention of an audience that has not worked with you before
● gaming engagement creates additional loyalty in the sale of your services and services other experts on your recommendation

Strong results even before we start working with you

● a playful atmosphere makes it easier to work with clients at the initial stage, they are easier to arrange and build confidence
● the client receives the first result with the Wow effect during the Game
● realizations gained during

Simplifies the work with the client

● observing the client in the game dynamics allows you to identify pain points that he does not wants to talk, see a more complete picture, how he can be helped, remove filters and psychological barriers
● allows you to identify deeper problems of the client, for the understanding of which it is necessary
more time and more serious techniques than you use
● organically integrates as a natural process into working with a client according to your method

Raises the level of your expertise

● expands the range of services, allows you to create new formats of work, combining your
services with use cases for the Game
● makes your services on the market more competitive and distinguishes favorably among colleagues
● is ideal for beginners - both for building their own practice and
for the successful promotion of your brand (along with the Game you get a 2-month course promoting yourself on social networks using the Game)

The game enhances your value as a specialist and allows you to increase the cost of services

A business that fits in a handbag and makes a profit in the second month

The game practitioner is a profession of the future, which officially appeared in the lists of specialties only in 2020.
Gaming formats such as quests or games in an alternative reality, where the line between the game and the real world is blurred, are increasingly entering modern life.

If earlier the world of adults was not serious about the game, today there is a rethinking of its capabilities.

Games are being implemented where they have never been - they become part of the corporate culture, increase sales and attract new customers, are used for recruiting, and the principle of mobile applications is built on their basis.

All life is gamified today. And this trend of the future is already irreplaceable in a number of psychological and transformational practices, introduces innovations and gives status to the work of a psychologist and other specialists.


How do you like the idea to integrate the Game into your practice in two months on a turnkey basis? and already in the course of training to make money on it?

The Life Line game is a convenient tool for scaling your project: field sessions, psychological tourism, retreat, continuation of coaching, an additional excuse for meeting and selling your other product, the opportunity to study the client in a relaxed playful way, when he is not afraid to open up and express himself present.

You'll get

● physical set of the Game "Life Line"
● a detailed guide to the Game, allowing you to independently understand and implement this tool
in my practice
● support and assistance of the author, as well as the community of game practitioners of author's games by Natalia Hayes from all over the world (depending on the package)
● certificate for the right to play the game
● the author's "turnkey" method of promoting you as a gambling practitioner in social networks (depending on the package)


● expand the range of your services at the expense of the Game
● to increase the client base due to new promotion tools and the author's positioning methodology
game practice in social networks
● get an additional source of monetization of your services
● during training, already conduct games and receive the first money for it
● return investment in the game and training in 3-6 months


Нataliia Heys
 Natalia personally leads popular games: "The Line of Life" (author's), "Everything is in your hands" (author's), "Dancing with Wolves",
"Happily Ever After", "Mystery of Eight Houses",
"New Star", "Business. Career. Money".

Leading game practitioner, founder of the Natalia Hayes International Transformation Center.

Certified Game Master, Certified Coach and Educational Trainer.

Personal growth expert, game master, game practitioner, author of transformational psychological games, a deck of metaphorical associative cards, "Diary-guide to your new life", speaker of international conferences and festivals.

In 2009 she immigrated to the United States of America, Texas, where she lives with her husband and son. During her life in America she mastered new knowledge - psychology, Reiki and Theta Hilling.

He is a member of closed clubs of positive psychology and constantly improves his qualifications.

NataliIa Hays is a leading international gaming practitioner

you will gain experience and knowledge from one of the pioneers of this fast-growing area of psychology and work with the subconscious



Become a participant in the game for free, feel the effectiveness of the method, get answers to all your questions.


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The game "Lifeline" consists of a field and a set of 8 decks of cards:
“Harmony”, “Your inner world”, “Me and Money”, “A question from the author”, “What takes energy”, “What fills me”, “Where to go”, “I and the universe”.

The game kit is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Each deck contains 27 cards, which are numbered.

The cards are laminated and will last a long time. The field is made of lightweight material and is easy to travel with.
The entire set of the game is stored in a handy pouch.

The best time to integrate igropractic into your business is now


By purchasing the Game now, you are guaranteed to be included in the list of Natalia Hayes's personal students, which she leads herself, in the future, this will be delegated to one of Natalia's students


The very next day after the purchase, the game will work for you - you can play it yourself, improve the qualities of your personality, and profitably strengthen and monetize your project!


While the physical set of your Game is on the road, you can already register for the Game, forming a new informational reason for attracting new customers, and embed this tool into your practice, introducing a new trend in the market of your region.

Choose the most convenient format for immersion in the world of game practice

Game practitioner


"Line of line" Game set

Basic user manual


access to international
Natalia Hayes Game Practitioners Community



Game + authoring system
promotion in social networks

"Line of line" Game set

Basic user manual


access to international
Natalia Hayes Game Practitioners Community

help and support from the Natalia Hayes community of game practitioners (mutual assistance, joint projects, help with clients)

a practical course of training lessons to promote you as a gambling practitioner in social networks

bonus - author's deck of metaphorical
associative cards of Natalia Hayes
"Seconds hand of the clock" (electronic version)

it is possible to buy in installments for 2 months with a breakdown into 2 payments (electronic version)



Game + authoring system
promotion in social networks + MENTORING OF NATALIIA HAYES 

"Line of line" Game set

Basic user manual


access to international
Natalia Hayes Game Practitioners Community

help and support from the Natalia Hayes community of game practitioners (mutual assistance, joint projects, help with clients)

a practical course of training lessons to promote you as a gambling practitioner in social networks

personal lessons and mentoring
author on promotion, customer search and first sales *** (see below)

персональная сессия “вопрос - ответ”

bonus - author's deck of metaphorical
associative cards of Natalia Hayes
"Seconds hand of the clock" (electronic version)

bonus - author's "Diary - a guide to your new life" by Nataliia Hayes (electronic version)


personal KNOWLEDGE and mentoring

● 8 personal sessions (2 times a week for 60 minutes) with a step-by-step plan for promoting, positioning and finding clients from social networks
● assistance in drawing up a business plan
● individual game with Natalia Hayes
● participation in the chat of leading games with information about festivals, news from the world of game practitioners
● support and feedback in the form of chat
● invitations to joint projects, broadcasts
● assistance in promotion and sales.

By purchasing the Mentoring package, you get more than just the Game. This is all-round support for you to a turnkey result and further long-term support of your business from leading game practitioners from all over the world (working under a license from Natalia Hayes).

You will know exactly and successfully apply knowledge in practice - how to position yourself, where to look for clients, how to work in social networks and how to sell games.

For the same amount that  it takes a month to advertise or work with a marketing agency,

you can significantly increase your expertise,

reach a new level of work with clients,

stand out favorably among competitors and occupy a niche that is still free in your region

by combining its traditional services with game practice

Guarantee of your result

If within 21 days after purchasing the Game, you followed all the recommendations for working with the game and with clients (screenshots, correspondence, etc. are needed) and did not receive a result (did not make a single sale and could not play a single game) - then you will be able to return the Game in a salable condition and get back the money invested in the purchase of the Game.

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